57 Fields End

Credit for the photo of 57 Fields End pictured above goes to Deny Howeth of the Cape Gazette

Historic Beginnings…

The house’s first owner was the legendary Charlie Mills (c.1902-1993), a farmer, engineer, landscaper, zoning commissioner, cannery plant foreman, and humanitarian. Among his many lasting contributions to the Rehoboth area was the founding of West Rehoboth as a community of affordable housing for his workers and for the thousands of plantings in the city of Rehoboth and in the medians of Route One. For three decades he lived with his wife in the Fields End house and served as Henlopen Acres Property Owners Association president. A white stone near the front of the driveway is engraved “Mills” and it was long remembered as the Mills House.

Subsequent owners added, renovated, moved rooms around, redecorated and planted a formidable garden…yet some things had been neglected.   Enter the VIA Designer Show House team. 

To appreciate the transformation from the Mill’s house to the Hunt’s house that will be made by Designer Show House’s 10 designers, one only has to look at “before” pictures of the residence.  The following are photos taken of the house’s interior earlier this year. 

  • IMG_0050
  • IMG_0052
  • IMG_0057
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  • IMG_0061
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MT House Party

To say goodbye to the “old” 57 Fields End, the VIA kicked off the 2020 Designer Show House with a well-attended “MT House Party” on January 20, 2020.  VIA members, local community residents, the owners of the house, Lisa and Jim Hunt, and participating designers gathered for a tour and a lively evening of conversation and refreshments.  The house had been almost completely emptied in anticipation of the restyling that will take place over the next several months. 

  • IMG_2668
  • IMG_2672
  • IMG_2673
  • IMG_2674
  • IMG_2675
  • IMG_2676
  • IMG_2677
  • IMG_2678
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  • IMG_2684
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  • VIA MThouse_8303



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