The room pictured above was designed by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks LLC for the 2016 Designer Show House.

We are grateful to the many designers and landscapers who will be delivering a lovely collection of interior and exterior spaces in the 2018 Designer Show House.  

Bella Terra Landscapes (Justin Bartels and Megan Fransisco)

Boardwalk Builders (Patty McDaniel and Jacqueline Reed)

DCOR — Design Center of Rehoboth (Ed Albers and Michael Cusumano)

Dreamweaver Interiors (Cyndi Oronzio)

Driftwood Design / Lane Builders (Barbara Anderson)

Outside by Erin Walls (Erin Walls)

J. Conn Scott (Lisa and Richard Scott)

Ocean Boulevard Furniture (Jay Bond)

Peter E Designs (Peter Edmond)

Smart Homes of Delaware (Matthew Hart)

The Urban Dweller (Mark Polo)

Timeless Design (Kate Fitzgerald-Wilks)

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